I Love You 3000 by Stephanie Poetri

I Love You 3000 by Stephanie Poetri

Stephanie Poetri dropped I Love You 3000 a song inspired by Marvel


Stephanie Poetri is the daughter of Titi DJ. Growing up, I listened to some of Titi DJ’s songs and it was incredible. Titi DJ is one of the OGs musicians in Indonesia that really shaped the whole of Indonesia’s music industry.

Her daughter now stepping out as her own, and dropped a single called I Love You 3000, a song that was inspired by Marvel’s Endgame conversations that brought me to tears.

The song was produced by the mother and daughter duo which is more sentimental more than you think of. It is low-key pop-R&B music and once again it showed that Indonesia has a lot of talents to show.

Once again it is showing that R&B genre once again taking every single part of the world at the moment. Definitely if you love NIKI, I would like to recommend you guys to listen to Stephanie Poetri. Rap Your Bae or Reza Arab dropped a remix for this song as well.

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