Hangzoo x Miyeon G(IDLE) Cart | 2019

Cart by Hagzoo ft Miyeon

Hangzoo dropped Cart featuring Miyeon

Cart by Hagzoo ft Miyeon
Cart by Hagzoo ft Miyeon

Hangzoo dropped his single Cart featured Miyeon from G(IDLE). Korean Hip Hop has taking over not only the South Korean audience, but also the global audience, although in my opinion the large fan base is coming from people with Asian background that live abroad.

But music has mainly very helpful when you are living abroad, so I think the song is really amazing, it is not only highlighting Hangzoo’s rap, but also Miyeon’s voice. I think G(IDLE) is a group that full with talents, but I think Miyeon’s are sometimes being overpowered. But again this is my opinion.

So this project is part of the Amoeba Culture’s Chord Share Project as it is quoted from HipHopKr, so please check it out, and give them a lot of support. I think the song itself is talking about love as it is in a cart when you are going for a grocery store. The song has a cheerful rhythm to it, so it is perfect for your Summer 🙂

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