DPR CREAM debut Color Drive | 2019

DPR CREAM Color Drive

DPR Cream dropped single Color Drive

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 5.47.52 PM.png

DPR Cream just dropped his first single called Color Drive. As you could guess it he is from the DPR collective, like DPR Live. Totally approved on what he is doing a the moment. DPR Cream may have a lot of attention in the future for sure!

DPR Cream is usually the producer of the collective that composed of rapper DPR Live, visual director DPR IAN, and creative director DPR REM.


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I love the song, with DPR, DPR Cream’s music video is somehow really aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. His voice is really groovy-like, and the song it’s perfect, in general, it’s really satisfying.

I really suggested him if you are a fan of Blood Orange, I mean for sure they are very talented, and I honestly loving the piano sensation on their music. You might be a fan of DPR Cream if you are a fan of Muramasa.

Definitely can’t wait for what DPR Cream will release in the future, for sure the K-hip-hop and the K-pop industry is so far totally safe! so don’t worry guys!

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