Prison Playbook | 2018 OST Review

Prison Playbook OST

Prison Playbook OST Review


Prison Playbook is one of the K Drama that I fell in love for their OSTs, mainly because they have a lot of k hip hop artists that took part in this drama.

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Another reason why I love this drama is that they are able to create such a cohesive soundtrack from its an emotional balance of this drama. Starting with Bewhy with Gray for OK, and The Door by Song Minho, and Seungyoon that was produced by ZICO, everything is amazing.

But the album is also composed of WOOGIE, and Zion. T who is famous for his mellow R&B voice. I would say that there are a lot of emotions are being shared along the drama, although I didn’t watch the drama.

But as I said in the past that a lot of music are actually picturing the real image of a character which I think it is an interesting topic to listen to. I believe that hip-hop is being adapted to its various ways on social media, and other countries too, and it is being so popular since then.

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I would say The Door, and Those Days are my favourite songs from this album. Bewhy’s release was a great one too! I believe that YG artists should come over and doing some OSTs, it will be an interesting pick for them.

And yes, that is all for now!

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