Perfume OST | K Drama OST 2019

Perfume OST

Park Bom is back again for Perfume OST


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Despite not watching a k drama, I am pretty enjoying check out some of the coolest OSTs produced through some of the k dramas. As I mentioned in the past that I really appreciate on how K Drama is actually really taking care of their OSTs. Today, we are going to look over the Perfume OST! and Park Bom is involved in it!

Park Bom who has been very successful though out 2019, with Spring, and 4:44 is back with I Do, I Do for the OST of the drama. I am certainly happy for Park Bom to participate with this Perfume drama. I think she was able to show the public on what she is capable of. Park Bom also took over the headlines.

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By far it is my favourite OST from the drama OSTs that have been released. I Do I Do is a balled pop, but I think it was not that too ballad song. Another artist that took part in this drama (Perfume) OST is Solji, from EXID.

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In my opinion, this k drama OST is more towards ballad and mellowy songs. I personally not over the mellow-y drama, that I judged based on their trailers, but Mask probably has one of the best soundtrack to date. They have ZICO as one of the soundtrack artists.

But I will leave the comment and thoughts on you guys, but the two OSTs are my favourite from this k drama!

Other Perfume OSTs.


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