BTS Japanese Single 2019, Lights

BTS Lights

BTS Lights
BTS Lights

BTS just came back for their Japanese single called Lights, truly it’s been an amazing year for BTS, and ARMY. BTS currently also busy with their Dream Glow project which I thought is also incredible.

Through, ARMY has a lot of theory, the song has been described as angelic by the fans. And I do think it’s truly angelic, I mean BTS has shown how they are able to bring a lot of positivity through the fans, and it’s incredible that they are able to be empowered by the well-known group like BTS.

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In the past, I also said that BTS’s Japanese music is somehow special for me, as they also release the Japanese version of their song, but they also added a new song. So I would like to congratulate BTS for what they did.

I really appreciate it that they wrote a love letter to the fans, but the fact they wrote another new song, I feel like it’s really showing a lot of effort for them to write in Japanese, and it’s really special rather than releasing a Japanese version of another song! I really touched by it, so once again congratulations BTS, you guys deserve it!

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Lights is truly an amazing song, and I really hope that you guys will love the song, as they release a new song of a Korean song release! I do think that Lights is one of their best track by far in 2019, which I thought it was cool because I check a lot of songs this year, so please check out my other posts too!


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