Sounds From The Other Side WizKid | 2017

Sounds From The Other Side WizKid | 2017

WizKid Album Review Sounds From The Other Side

Sounds From The Other Side
Sounds From The Other Side

Sounds From The Other side is an album by WizKid. WizKid is a Nigerian rapper, he is making it in the US industry. Fun fact that WizKid formed a group called Glorious Five with his church friends, and he also using a name such as Lil Prince for his stage name.

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On Sounds From The Other Side, WizKid collaborated with another prominence US-based artist like Drake, and Ty Dolla $ign. I personally think that a lot of Afro-type beats are actually influenced certain artists, for Drake is one of them. Other Afro-trap music that you might want to check is MHD.

WizKid himself is rising through prominence after his collaboration with Drake in 2016 through the song One Dance for Drake’s album. But in 2014, Drake and WizKid have been connected through the song Ojuelegba, which is also featured Skepta. It is actually listening to the Yoruba language.

Ojuelegba is about a journey that WizKid has to face to be a successful musician, any careers are actually difficult, especially when you have no idea what’s the real industry looks like. And the music industry itself is a tough competition. But WizKid was able to endure it.

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I can see a lot of WizKid is being playful with the Sounds From the Other Side. Which you really want to dance all along with the whole album, I think it’s a fun album dance all along. Because with Sounds From the Other Side WizKid collaborated with so many artists like Trey Songz, and Chris Brown. In recent time WizKid collaborated with GoldLink as well! so please check it out, and let us know what do you guys think!

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