MHD 19 | 2018 Review

MHD 19 | 2018 Review

Here what I thought about MHD’s 19 album


MHD is one of the French rappers that I am loving to listen to. You might want to check back on my other post, here. Back in 2018 MHD released his album 19.  You might want to know that MHD has a dream to have the same effect as what Kylian Mbappé with football, as Pitchfork quoted so.

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Back on the other post, I am a huge fan of the song Bella, but MHD also released a music video for Bébé. Mohamed Sylla or MHD who was born into Senegalese and Guinean immigrants showing how proud he is about his background.

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As Paris is the 19th biggest city for North African immigrants largest concentrations of North African immigrants. He would like to change the perceptions of how a Frenchman should look like. Which we are going to look forward to Stomrzy recent show!

If you asked me about what do I think about the whole album, I would like to say it was a nice experience to show people that music has no boundaries. It is similar to K-Pop music, or any music that based on not your mother-tongue.

It is my first time to listen to a lot of Afro-trap music, and artist like Wizkid who is coming from Nigeria. To have someone from another country to support each other by doing something positive is actually the best thing ever.

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This is for people who live as a minority community, in many countries, just do whatever you want to be! Dream big, and don’t be afraid towards people’s negative perceptions about you guys! I might not experience things that you guys experience out there, but I would like to support you through a lot of writing.

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