BIBI(비비), The Manual for people who want to love | 2019

BIBI(비비), The Manual for people who want to love review

Album review on The Manual for people who want to love by BIBI

The Manual for people who want to love review
BIBI(비비), The Manual for people who want to love review

BIBI is one of many artists from South Korea that actually stealing the scene by her talent through a show called The Fan. BIBI herself showing her talents on rapping and singing at the same time on the show, one of the performance that I love the most from BIBI is singing the Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet.

The Peek-A-Boo that BIBI got to performs was eventually different from the original song. BIBI was able to make it the song as her own, and it’s really showing her original artistry, and very genuine, although she missed few lyrics on the stage.

BIBI later got more recognition through her released with BINU. BINU itself could be a play word to be new. BINU itself is a song that talked about a girl having a one night stand and she regretted it. BIBI’s style is really quirky, and she has her own style that very distinct from any other artists.

For the EP, The Manual for people who want to love, her main single is NABI. NABI is a song that expresses BIBI’s love towards her cats. She re-imagine this image of falling in love with a cat.

BIBI signed to Tiger JK’s agency, Feel Ghood Music which is a hip-hop label in South Korea. On this album BIBI really able to captivate the listeners by her unique voice, which showing different personalities. As in Give More Care Less BIBI sounded more into a girly type of girl, which is different from the track Pretty Ting. Pretty Ting is a strong hip-hop track, where she collaborated with Kim Seung Min.

I think BIBI will gain more fans in the future because she is able to capture the listeners through different kind of characters. On the last track of the EP, Fedexx Girl, she also shows a different character from the previous songs. Changmo, featured on this track as well, which I think is really compliments BIBI’s voice.

I would like to recommend BIBI to the fans of Ariana Grande, and Heize!

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