Zacari | Run Wild Run Free | 2019

Zacari | Run Wild Run Free | 2019

Run Wild Run Free Album by Zacari

Zacari Album Review Run Wild Run Free


Zacari is another talent that signed to TDE, Top Dawg Entertainment where Kendrick Lamar and SZA are all belonged too. Zacari himself appeared on Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

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Although Pitchfork ranked Zacari’s music as 6 they still put out that Zacari is really has a bright future with TDE. I think Zacari’s music style is amazing, I particularly falling in love with his song called Don’t Trip, and Lone Wolf.


His music might be a little bit under-appreciated, which sometimes is a bit unfair, but I am pretty sure that in the future Zacari will again a lot of fans as the time goes by. I think it’s amazing that Run Wild Run Free is Zacari’s first album as well.

On this album, you might find an interesting guest feature, Lil Yachty, as you might know, that I don’t listen to much of Lil Yachty. And I will check more on Lil Yachty as well. I would say if you will love Zacari style of music, as I could say his songs are more into alternative R&B. If you love Dean, then go try to listen to Zacari.

Some of Zacari’s music video is out as well, so please check it out!

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