Netflix Playlist | June 2019

Netflix Playlist!

Netflix Playlist; Bad Rap, Beats, and When They See Us


Netflix Playlist


Beats is a musical drama that you can find on Netflix series, the movie has the story of an aspiring young musician, who witnessed a gun-violence by himself. Left in a trauma he finally find himself back again with music.

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There are 2 original soundtracks from this drama. However, there are more talented artists that you can find listed by Refinery 29 for the movie. It wasn’t my favourite movie, but it was ok. But I really appreciate that they have 2 original soundtracks for the movie, which I think is really a huge effort.

Tobi Lou


Bad Rap

Bad Rap is a documentary on the hip-hop community in the minorities community, which brought me to get to know Mountain Brothers. So Mountain Brothers are one of the few early Asian hip-hop groups from America.

AAAABUPuJFYiZwqUHO-RRiKEgiG_RDfLdOsJALSvhaKMo7SbGgYDPJxIo-Wf2K7zf-6QDptlmHmaYYrwP4p1b_lJUTxoh32FnUM-sQ.jpgArtists like Dumbfoundead also making an appearance on the show. Again the show focusing on the authenticity of hip-hop music itself, from the life as a gang member and more.

The stereotyping was huge back in the day, even until now. MC Jin was one of the early ice breakers for the community, which is amazing, proof that not all Asians are the same.

When They See Us

Netflix Playlist

It is based on the true story back in 1989, located in New York City. It started when a young female jogger got raped, and physically abused, and left to die, which she survived. Later there were 5 African-American male teenagers who were suspected.

But they were like being interrogated to the point they need to confess about something they didn’t commit.

Yup those are my Netflix Playlist!

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