Mustafa the Poet by Mustafa Ahmed | 2014

Mustafa the Poet

Getting to know Mustafa the Poet, the guy that collaborated with Drake, and The Weeknd


He is Mustafa Ahmed, Mustafa Ahmed is more known as Mustafa the Poet. He has collaborated with a lot of artists, Drake and The Weeknd. Mustafa particularly featured on The Weeknd’s Attention on Starboy according to The Fader. Mustafa is actually is Drake’s hometown friend, he is coming from Toronto, Canada!

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Mustafa is a talented poet, he has a self-titled EP called Mustafa the Poet, back in 2014. What I personally saw from his EP is that everything he points out is a matter of humanity. On his blog, he wrote on his profile where he loves to express his love on youth empowerment, mental health, Islam, immigration, violence, politics, philanthropy, the search for peace and unleashing the creativity of youth.

Mustafa The Poet EP by Mustafa The Poet

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Mustafa also collaborated with Valentino fashion house, if you ask why would I put out a poet on this blog? Without we realise it is actually similar to write a poetry right? For example the rhyming, the bar that you need to write. A Ted Talk performed by Akala explained everything down.

What I really want to say is that there are so many ways for you to spread peace instead of hate. And there are so many positivities that you could bring to the world no matter what is your religion is.

My message to all of you guys is stop hating because there are so many people that are actually suffering because of hates that people are generating to each other. Let us make a better world, and I know the journey is long, but I believe we can!

The message from Mustafa is crystal clear, stop judging! No matter what is your race or your religion, I love you all!


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