Lyricks aka Ricky Lee| Talented and Humble | Bad Rap Documentary 2016

Lyricks aka Ricky Lee

Getting to know Lyricks or Ricky Lee


Another artist profile that we are going to look at is Lyricks, a Korean-American rapper! In my personal opinion his stories, and visions are something that we need to look forward. Lyricks is more than just a rapper. I think in my personal opinion people are being captivated on rapper from the media that they love partying, and doing other inappropriate things. But it is not always the case.

As I watch Bad Rap from Netflix, that documented the life of Asian rappers in America. The documentary itself was released back in 2016. They have a lot of Asian-American rappers joining. And  I found that Lyricks’ story is somehow interesting. It is definitely not easy living in America and being a minority with a certain expectation. Lyriks real name is Rick Lee, and his friends like Dumbfoundead praised him for his style, skills, and lyrical.

Lyricks explained that being an Asian rapper is a hard thing to do because there are certain stereotypes towards rap and Asian.  A lot of people always associates rap with a crime, or other violence, where it is not somewhat the truth.

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On the documentary, Lyricks is also explaining the professions that what a typical Asian will have. He spoke that most of his cousins are doctors and lawyers and so he is the “black sheep” in the family. I believe that every single profession are good, as long as you are passionate about it.

As a kid Lyricks brought up as a Christian where he realised that the trip to Africa was actually changing his mindset. Lyricks is part of the duo rappers Year of the OX, VICE put some amazing praised on them to deteriorate of stereotyping Korean-American.

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Lyricks’ mum was very open-minded on what her son is doing, although at the first time, it was something that is not easy to express. Being a rapper is hard, you really need both talent and luck.

Lyricks said to the documentary that he since then dedicated to God, for all his career and his life. During his time serving a missionary time in Africa, he also raps along with the church community. What we all can learn is that you can’t really judge someone based on their appearance.

Despite that, Rick or Lyricks is very honest with the public’s opinion, as he said he is not ready to have a label of Christian rapper. He felt that he let people down, as a lot of young kids are actually looking up to him after a wrong decision in their life. But that is life, and I see that human point of view when I am looking at this particular genre.


Last but not least, you might seen them on Yo MTV RAPS!

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  1. Andy G says:

    Thanks for showcasing Lyricks and the Year of the Ox. I did need to point out however that the person in the photo at the top of the article is not Lyricks but another Korean-American rapper named Mainfest, who was a frequent collaborator of Lyricks. So you should probably change that photo. Otherwise, nice article!


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