Eun Ji Won G1 Album | 2019

Eun Ji Won G1 Album | 2019

G1 Album Review by Eun Ji Won


Eun Ji Won finally released his solo debut with YG Entertainment. With the single called I’m On Fire featured Blue D from the YGX studio. Song Mino who previously successful with his solo album XX, also contribute to the album.

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I have to say that Eun Ji Won showing up his talent, he has been part of the kpop industry for a long time now. With his experience clearly, he showed what talents do look like. I think despite the age that he is at the moment, Eun Ji Won able to show his swag.

Hooligan which Mino featured on also really excites me, as it reminds me of Mino’s track on his solo album called Agree (암). However, it is my personal preference. However despite Eun Ji Won’s album success as a YG fan that purely loves their music its been a hard time.

Firstly with Yang Hyunsuk left YG, it’s been such a drama on every single entertainment headline worldwide. The label also experiences a lot of turmoils effects from public hate, and it’s also affecting the artist’s releases.

Eun Ji Won’s song Worthless has been accused not crediting B.I. or Kim Hanbin. The crediting problems later turn out to be trending on Twitter. I personally think that Worthless is one of my favourites from this album. And I think you can hear B.I.’s voice. For whatever the future holds on for B.I. I think he is a super talented artist.

However, the crediting problems should be sorted by now, because YG Entertainment released a statement that B.I. requested himself not to be named on Eun Ji Won’s album. It’s just another unfortunate event that happened in the agency.

I think working in YG Entertainment really allows the artist to grow to develop themselves. At the moment people might have mixed reviews on YG Entertainment, but let’s be honest their music are really spectacular. Eun Ji Won also previously dropped a lot of solo songs which proofed himself as a solo artist that really able to capture the hearts of the fans.

let us know what do you think about the album!


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