David Alaba | Say My Name | 2018 |

David Alaba Released Say My Name in 2018

David Alaba, Another Footballer-Rapper

David Alaba the Bayern Munchen Player Released Say My Name with Orry Jackson

Have you heard David Alaba rap? Check out his song Say My Name

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Today Sports and Music star will be David Alaba, one of the Bayern Munchen’s players from Austria. David Alaba has a hidden talent that might shock a lot of football fans. As it quoted from Scorum, that David Alaba also dropped his own track. A few years ago on an interview with Copa 90, Alaba explained the influence of music on his life.David Alaba


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David Alaba’s track is called Sag mein Namen, which translated to Say My Name. Turns out that Memphis Depay, and Clint Dempsey are not the only players who can kick the ball, but also rapping the game.


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David Alaba’s music talent probably runs in the family, as The Sun actually quoted that David Alaba’s father is part of a music duo called Two in One. David Alaba’s sister is also a musician, she is Rose Alaba. I will link Rose’s music down at the end of the post.

David Alaba Jay Z

Not only that, back in 2013, David Alaba also taking a photo with the legend himself, Jay-Z. David Alaba shared the photo on his FaceBook page. I think it’s fun to see what these days football players are doing at their free time. Most of the time we used to see they are related only on sports, but now they are more related to the fans.

But I have to say that football games are getting more interesting. People like David Alaba, Memphis Depay, and Clint Dempsey really showing that you can do things outside your boundaries too.

The music itself has generated so many positive things, by connecting diverse groups of people. Orry Jackson himself is the German rapper that you can check on his music video here.

Since the NBA is having the Damian Lillard and Marvin Bagley, are we going to see similar things in the European football game?

check out David Alaba’s sister Rose,

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