SIRUP | Feel Good| 2019

SIRUP Released Feel Good in 2019

Getting to know SIRUP

A little discussion on SIRUP’s FEEL GOOD


Another talented artist that we are going to talk about is non-other than SIRUP. I also recommend to you guys Nariaki Obukuro another Japanese artist that you might also love. In the past, I have shown my admiration towards artist like Utada Hikaru which I think is super incredible. In 2019, SIRUP released his first ever debut album called FEEL GOOD.

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According to Discogs, Sirup was born and raised in Osaka, which he elaborated his musical style in R&B and hip-hop music. He is more into an alternative R&B artist, in which if you are highly loving into Korean R&B, Dean’s fans might want to try to listen to SIRUP.

While I think SIRUP is such a talented artist, SIRUP also got some amazing fans on the AMINO APPS. I totally amazed that SIRUP has such a supportive fan base. Here is SIRUP’s FEEL GOOD EP, let us know what do you guys think about the album on the comment section.

I personally think that SIRUP will be well accepted on the Western fanbase, and his music videos also have something that you might be appreciated more. His EP is really good as he got 12 songs to approach the fans.

As I watched his music videos you can see how much effort that he puts on. People should understand more, and appreciate that the Jpop artists put into their works. Even according to Arama Japan, his songs have been played in the H&M store in the US.

I would say even I don’t understand what SIRUP was saying I think the album is pretty amazing, as it is said to be his debut album, this is a very impressive album. There are so many talented artists that I admire like Kenshi Yonezu and Utada Hikaru. I think the J pop industry still showing their capabilities despite the Asian music fans have been shifted.

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