Maya Hirasedo | talented artist from Melbourne | 2019

Maya Hirasedo

Maya Hirasedo R&B singer from Melbourne City

Today artist profile is Maya Hirasedo

Today’s artist’s profile is non-other than Maya Hirasedo. Maya Hirasedo is an amazing, talented R&B artist from Australia, particularly from Melbourne. Maya Hirasedo has been part of the hip-hop, and R&B world for a while now, she’s been featured in some web-like i-D, where she described the best-dressed character of a woman in a movie is Catwoman.

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Maya Hirasedo was debuted with her track called See Me, as it was described by Project U. They described the beat of her track See Me that would not be miss by artists like Post Malone, and Tinashe. Since I am a fan of R&B music myself I totally would love to see her perform live in the future.

Maya Hirasedo released her track called Cocaine this year 2019. Purple Sneakers praised her voice as being very vulnerable and emotional which I totally agree for what Purple Sneakers described her talents. If you love Jorja Smith, I totally would like to recommend Maya Hirasedo in your next playlist.

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Maya Hirasedo also part of the VFiles album, her song 1959 was part of the album. Maya Hirasedo also performed this 1959 track in New York City! Isn’t she just super amazing and talented?

You can find Maya Hirasedo on Spotify, and SoundCloud which is also available for streaming! So please check her out for her streaming channel! I just fall in love for Maya’s soulful voice, she sounded very sassy with her songs, and she also gets such an amazing deeper voice, which is just so perfect!

Let us know what do you think about Maya Hirasedo, I would like you to listen to some of her songs! See you guys in the next post! Don’t forget to comment on the comment section below to help us to improve our blog, you can also comment on which artist you want us to feature more on the blog.

I really appreciate it when you guys check on our blog, and the artist’s music, have a good day too guys, love you all.

Some of the talented artists that coming from Australia that you might want to check out are Joshua Caleb and Titan.

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