Long Live Love by Kirik Franklin| 2019

Kirk Franklin Album Long, Live, Love | 2019

Long Live Love, by Kirk Franklin

Long Live Love, by Kirk Franklin
Long Live Love, by Kirk Franklin

It took 15 minutes for me to relax, and tell my stories through music. You might hear Kirk Franklin on my personal page, which now has been deleted. The reason the personal page is being deleted because I would love to connect with others through a different perspective.

Today I would love to review about Kirk Franklin’s Long Live Love. You might ask me why I would love to listen to this album, simply because at the moment I am a little bit desperate, and I usually listen to gospel music, and music that has more chill beats.


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Kirk Franklin is a gospel R&B artist, however, I’m pretty sure that his music is pretty listenable to any people all around the world.  As I said music is the peace of hope, and Social Misfits also said that in gospel music you can find its vulnerability.

Several music blogs such as VIBE, and Hallels reviewed this album before me. But I have to agree with VIBE, as the songs are the weapon against fear. At my worst fear, I put every single worst scenario that could happen, but it’s not always the truth.

As a human, I never learn my mistakes. Other than Love Theory, Father Knows Best is my other favourite song from this album. Strong God is my other favourite song from this album as well.

I think I personally think that gospel is all about the connection that we build upon us, and God. And I think there are pros and cons regarding the new gospels, but I think it’s an interesting approach too, as you might hear Kirk Franklin’s voice on Chance the Rapper album, Coloring Book.

Let us know what do you think about Kirk Franklin?

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