Gesu No Kiwami Otome。

Gesu No Kiwami Otome。- ゲスの極み乙女。

Gesu No Kiwami Otome


Gesu No Kiwami Otome its mean Girl at the Height of Rudeness

A Japanese band that formed in 2012 by a genius named Enon Kawatani, he is the vocalist, guitarist, producer and songwriter for the bands Gesu no Kiwami Otome, Indigo la End, Genie High, Dadaray, Jinsen no Sense, the instrumental band Ichikoro, and also works as a songwriter for other musicians.

Describing themselves as “hip-hop/progressive”, the band debuted in 2013 with independent label Space Shower Records, later signed by Warner sub-label Unborde. In 2018, the band left label Unborde and joined TACO RECORDS, founded by Enon Kawatani.

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This band is something unique that i’ve never seen before, with 4 members, this band can emit an aura that only this band has, I don’t know what it is but I can’t find it in other bands.

ENON KAWATANI. Alright, real name “Kenta Kawatani”, born December 3, 1988. He is lead singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer for this band since 2012. I’ve never seen man like this before, i mean a man work with 6 bands, and all of that bands is still active. I think he is the most productive person in Japan.

HONA IKOKA. Real name “Honami Satō”, born August 22, 1989. She is the band’s drummer. She has been a member of the duo Microcosm since 2009, performing drums and chorus. In 2017, she became an actress as Honami Satō, her real name. She is the key, without her this band never gonna happen, 2012 she tweeted on twitter, she invited Enon to make a new band, without expecting an answer she was surprised because Enon replied to her tweet and accepted her offer, without waiting for a long time they immediately gathered other members.  She is pretty, really, i like her.

CHAN MARI. Real name “Mari Fukushige”, born October 8, 1987. She is the keyboardist for the band. She is also the keyboardist for the band Crimson, which formed in Kagoshima in 2005. She helped Enon compose the song for this band.

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KYUJITSU KACHO. Real name “Masao Wada”, born February 20, 1987. Kyujitsu Kacho means Weekend Manager, cuz when he play in gesu he also does office work, but now he doesn’t do it anymore.  He is the band’s bassist. He was member of indigo la End under the name E ni Naranai Kachō (Unpicturesque Manager), before leaving the band in July 2011. From 2007 to 2009, Wada was a member of the band Aomune, performing under the name Waden. During the group’s hiatus in 2016, he joined the band DADARAY, produced by Kawatani, as bassist, along with vocalist REIS and Gesu no Kiwami Otome & indigo la End support member Etsuko.

This group is hiatus in 2016, you know why? cuz Enon is an asshole, he make 2 scandal in 2 years, from 2015-2016. he is super genius as a musician but he is an asshole as a human. Don’t worry, he has changed now, he has become a better person, he is still my favorit musician.

This band has 4 albums : Miryoku ga Sugoi yo (魅力がすごいよ, “Your Charm Points Are Amazing”), Ryōseibai (両成敗, “Both Sides Are at Fault”), Daruma Ringo (達磨林檎, “Apple Daruma”), and Suki nara Towanai (好きなら問わない, “If I Love You It Doesn’t Matter”)

3 extended plays : Dress no Nugikata (ドレスの脱ぎ方, “How To Take Off A Dress”), Odorenai nara, Gesu ni Natte Shimae yo (踊れないなら、ゲスになってしまえよ, “If You Won’t Dance, You’ll Be Completely Rude”), and Minna Normal (みんなノーマル, “Everyone’s Normal”). Also 10 Singles

Now i will show my recomendation song from this band

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This is indigo la End, Enon and Kacho first band

This is Microcosm, Hona Ikoka first band

This is Crimson, Chan Mari first band

This is Dadaray, Kacho band when gesu is hiatus

Well, see you later

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