Negro Swan by Blood Orange | 2018

Negro Swan by Blood Orange album Review

Reviewing Blood Orange’s Negro Swan

Album by Blood Orange, Negro Swan 2018

Check out for this Blood Orange’s Negro Swan review,

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We are going to look upon Blood Orange, as he is featured on Vigril Abloh’s event at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. A brief explanation that Blood Orange is an artist coming from all the way through of London. Blood Orange also participated on directing his own music video! We are specifically looking upon on his album titled Negro Swan back in 2018.

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Blood Orange is one of the talented artists at the moment, you might spot him on one of Virgil Abloh’s posts on Instagram. He released his own album called Negro Swan back in 2018, The Needle Drop described his style as alternative R&B, R&B, and hip-hop album.

Previously, Blood Orange is known as Dev Hynes, work with Mac Miller’s last album Swimming, and even working with Le1f. I mentioned about Le1f on this post. He also worked with A$AP Rocky for the album Testing. Clearly Blood Orange has a long portfolio to show.

Blood Orange also collaborated with A$AP Rocky for Negro Swan album for the track called Chewing Gum. Puff Diddy’s presence is also part of this Negro Swan album by Blood Orange which I think might attract the whole fans of hip-hop.

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He has piano implemented with his music that makes his music is far more polished than any hip-hop music that is focusing on the heavy hyped-up beats. Artists like Mura Masa, and Ensemble Mik Nawooj, are totally perfect if you are loving Blood Orange’s music.

What I find interesting from the artist is that his music videos are very different from most hip-hop music videos that you can find. The music videos that were produced and put out to the public is very high quality. I really recommend anyone to listen to Blood Orange.  It’s a perfect hip-hop song are the type of beats that were being chosen is not some songs that you will find along on the mainstream hip-hop genre.

Let me know what do you guys think about Blood Orange!

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