Swet Shop Boys Cashmere | 2016

Swet Shop Boys Cashmere

Cashmere EP Review

The Swet Shop Boys Cashmere Review

Swet Shop Boys Cashmere
Swet Shop Boys Cashmere

For some of you, you might never hear of the Swet Shop Boys, so today we are going to look at the Swet Shop Boys’ EP called Cashmere. The reason why I put or reviewed this album is to represent, or raising more awareness towards the minorities among us. It is important to understand and to respect other people not only through racial profiling!


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The Swet Shop Boys is a hip-hop group that composed of Riz Ahmed, or known as Riz MC, Heems another rapper coming from America, and a producer Redinho. What I found interesting from this group is the songs are heavily full with deep meaning about profiling certain people, and a minorities representation.

Rolling Stone dubbed Cashmere as one of the best hip-hop albums in 2016, the album talks about how the world is facing the Islamophobia (which I will write more down below)

There are 3 music videos for this, Riz himself has been very outspoken to talk about the representation of being Asian including in the interview with The Late Night of Stephen Colbert. On another interview in 2018, Riz also spoke out that Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asian should not be a champion for a certain community, but for other minorities as well.


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Some of the deeper meaning of the lyrics can be looking up through genius.com, wherein a particular song Zayn Malik, Riz discussed on certain stigma, or profiling build against the brown people, or South East Asian people are actually building more damage to teenagers. He made a reference for Zayn Malik, where the explanation you can read it over here.

Look Zayn Malik’s got more than eighty virgins on him
There’s more than one direction to get to paradise

In this group, Heems is another rapper with an Asian background. T5 itself means Terminal 5, where actually Riz Ahmed, and other South East Asian people have been the subject of profiling. In fact this was the interview that he held with Jimmy Fallon in 2017 but after those secondary searching that he has been through the people are asking for photos. Showing that there is sarcasm towards this.

Riz Ahmed was included in the Most Influential People by TIME Magazine, which showed that Riz’s dedication to the industry is very important. Riz’s career is showing no stopping sign, which is amazing!

Another reason why everyone should be proud to be a Liverpool fan, due to Mohammed Salah presence on the pitch, this includes the hate crime being against Muslim is being fallen. It was quoted by TalkSport. It’s also proofing that profiling towards certain people is not always true! So stay care to each other, and spread the love!

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