Exile Tribe | Battle of Tokyo

Exile Tribe

Exile Tribe Battle of Tokyo

Exile Tribe Battle of Tokyo
Exile Tribe Battle of Tokyo

The EXILE TRIBE is coming back once again to shook the J-pop industry, this time they are coming back as the whole massive group. There are so many sub-groups in EXILE TRIBE, and I missed the count of the number of the members, but I have to say that they are all really slayed.

Ballistik Boyz who made their debut since May has been slaying through the scenes. Now they are part of the EXILE TRIBE, which is a J-Pop boy group that being divided through many groups. With LDH Company who is very successful in Japan clearly they have a new vision on what’s coming next in Jpop.


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Their member Takanori Iwata has been slaying on the Paris Fashion Week as well, showing that they are being taken seriously without the mess fandom on the media for attention.

So the EXILE came out with this “multiverse” idea, where all the subgroup of the EXILE TRIBE is going for a duel or a battle, but it seems more interesting. As the base that they have is super strong, each showing their characteristic and futuristic looks on each video. They are coming up with the idea of BATTLE OF TOKYO, which I think is super interesting.

It’s like the younger going against to the older groups, from dancing, singing and even rapping. I think if you want to try some of the new music to look for you might like this kind of J-Pop songs. Some people might think that J-Pop songs are all about cuteness, but I don’t think it’s a concept for every group in the J-Pop industry.

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