Bad Minah Ramengvrl featuring Hullera | 2019

Ramengvrl and Hullera

Ramengvrl collaborated with Hullera on Bad Minah!

Ramengvrl is currently the most hottest female rapper from Indonesia she is back with Hullera

Ramengvrl and Hullera

Ramengvrl and Hullera collaborated on Bad Minah. Some of you might not know who is Ramengvrl right? so please check out the previous post here. While Hullera herself is a rapper from Malaysia, she’s been killing it on the House of Vans, you might want to look for her performance in House of Vans in this wattpad. Ramengvrl is currently the most famous, and coolest female rapper from Indonesia, there is no doubt that everyone adores her.

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Ramengvrl has been taking the Indonesian music scene for a while now, and as hip-hop is becoming acceptable in Indonesia, people are being more open towards the genre. You might hear of Pretty Real where Ramengvrl collaborated with the Indonesian influencer back in 2018.

Ramengvrl herself has been very successful with her other released since then as well. She’s back with Bad Minah. Minah can be translated to the girl, or woman, you might hear of Hirzi’s Singapore’s Favourite Minah Influencer, so might understand what is minah.

So the song could be translated of bad girl, be honest, its a very empowering song, especially if you live in the area of Indonesia, and Malaysia there is a certain expectation that coming from a girl. On my perspective, that expectation that seems to be achievable by many girls are actually not achievable.

That is why we need more women empowerment from girls like Ramengvrlm dan Hullera. Breaking the boundaries and trying something new is not always a bad thing. In fact in open up more windows.

The song is about how girls could be successful as well, overall I think the video is great, for me Ramengvrl is being original with her style too, which I think is the most important appreciation of her. Hullera is such a cool girl too, which it’s my first time listening to her.

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