Jeremy Lin and MC JIN | 2019

Jeremy Lin and MC JIN

Have you checked the collaboration between MC Jin and Jeremy Lin?

Jeremy Lin and MC JIN

The euphoria regarding Toronto Raptor coming out as a champion is not ended yet. As you might know, Jeremy Lin is part of the Toronto Raptors squad. His presence is important towards the Asian communities all around the world. Today’s world is all about being more caring and more diversities.

I am still updating the sports and hip-hop relationship, as a proud female Asian we are all different. I think all Asians have their own talents, from rapping to athletes, hopefully, with Jeremy Lin becoming the champion with Raptors the preception on Asian male is going to be different. You might realise that I am a huge fan of sports too, you can find more section of hip-hop and sports here.

Actually, before the NBA championship, Jeremy Lin and MC Jin dropped a track, called My Opponent. There is no secret anymore that both people are BFF in the real world, Jeremy Lin made a headline of himself here.  But there are also times when I feel like the representation of Asian in the hip-hop and R&B is being underappreciated. So I made a post about all the minorities too.

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I have made few of NBA and rap music headlines on the other posts includes, NBA Stars Who Can Actually Rap. I think in my opinion its interesting to see Jeremy Lin rapping in Chinese and English. As you might know right after Jeremy’s celebration wearing the Chinese jersey that caused the internet going crazy.

Again, what I really appreciate from the hip-hop music is more than just the swag itself, but the representation. Despite it was originated from African-American music, all people becoming one on enjoying hip-hop, there is no race or religion.  Hip-hop itself is very interesting to me, as they told their stories from a different perspective.

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