Emir Hermono featuring VVYND and Erik Soto | 2019

Emir Hermono

Emir Hermono featuring VVYND and Erik Soto

Erik Hermono Released Next To Me featuring VVYND and Erik Soto

Emir Hermono

Emir Hermono is back with Next to Me that featured VVYND and Erik Soto. You might know VVYND from my other post in Best Indonesian R&B Artist. Indonesia music scene is currently on rising. There are so many talented R&B music from Indonesia that you might love it too.

I recently look across VVYND’s Twitter and saw this coming! Next To Me is super incredible. Somehow the song rich with its soulful voice from the artists.

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On an interview with UPPRE, Emir is not writing about the heartbreaking song, and Emir himself is based in KL. He was brought up in countries like Indonesia, and Indonesia. We look upon the industry at the moment there are so many Asian artists that is underappreciated. This could be part of “the other“, and you can check that out here.

About the song

I think the song is very romantic, somewhat is just something that you could listen to the radio station in the US.  Besides I personally think that there are so many ways to listen to a song that is not even in English. I would really recommend this song to everyone.

Emir himself previously also collaborated with A. Nayaka, and Laze, as well, for the track called School. I previously reviewing about No Handouts by A. Nayaka and Laze on a collaboration with Dipha Barus.

Don’t forget to check on Emir’s Spotify here. While you can check on Erik Soto’s SoundCloud here.

So yeah, Indonesian people check on our artists release! 🙂 and be proud!

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