Damian Lillard Beef With Marvin Bagley, Who is The Best MC? | 2019

Damian Lillard Beef With Marvin Bagley

NBA Season might be ended, but it’s not for Damian Lillard, and Marvin Bagley

Damian Lillard and Marvin Bagley
Image from instagram.com/mb3five and instagram.com/damianlillard

NBA season might be just ended, but it seems there is some game outside the field. Marvin Bagley dan Damian Lillard got themselves into a rap battle. It seems that the beef is getting smokier, and it’s not going anywhere. I just listed NBA Stars Who Can Actually Rap, and I listed both players Damian Lillard, and Marvin Bagley on the list. But it seems that each beef that roasted on the courts seems to be interesting.


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Dame Dolla – “Was about to pass ’cause you still in Pampers, bruh, and I never seen Floyd spar with amateurs” 

Damian Lillard, who just actually released Bye Bye, previously released the track called MARVINNNNNN? The dissing track is actually reminding me of KILLSHOT, the beef between Eminem and MGK back in 2018. The thing with diss track is actually you taking the points back that being targeted to you, and you defend yourself. Or on competing who is actually better in a certain area, in this case, rapping.

However the guy, Marvin Bagley is not going anywhere as well. In fact, Marvin actually points out back with the track called Checkmate in response to Bye Bye, according to Complex. It’s interesting as the game now is not only on the basketball court, but it turns into a rap battle. Maybe they should go for Show Me the Money contest or Drop the Mic will be another field that will be interesting for the fans.

MB3Five – “Quiet on me, ducking around the corners, they hiding on me, your bars out of style, sound like you retired homie” 

But before releasing the track Checkmate, Marvin is having the track called No Debate. According to the New York Post, both basketball players are started over who is the better MC in the NBA, where Marvin Bagley says he is. Since then the rap battle begins in order to show who is the best MC in the NBA game.

related players LeBron James, Lonzo Ball

We clearly going to see interesting on the holiday season of NBA! should the European Football also start this kind of diss track? I mean Memphis Depay got some skills to show off, but who will be his opponent?

As a person who is not really following the game of NBA, unless the championship, I really found the relationship between music, and sports are very interesting. You can find the meet point, and the music itself is very poetic, tools to express yourself.

SoundCloud of Damian Lillard is here

SoundCloud of Marvin Bagley is here

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