Social Club Misfits

Social Club Misfits

Who is Social Club Misfits?

Getting to know the duo Social Club Misfits

Social Club Misfits

In the past, I might have some of my post regarding Social Club Misfits. Especially on the personal section of this blog.

However, rebranding the blog, I deleted some post, to be more general, and more relatable to everyone regardless of what is your background. I stand for the name of humanity where I believe we are all the same, and no hate is required. 🙂

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However today I’ll be posting about Social Club Misfits. Social Club Misfits is a hip-hop group duo from the States. Although they are mainly making some Christian music, HipHop DX wrote that they are more than that. And I think music is a boundless area where you can connect people.

The group composed of the duo  Fern & Marty, but despite their label as a Christian Hip-Hop some of their songs are receiving a mainstream love. But I found it interesting, as in gospel music, you can listen to people’s story on being sorrowful, and helpless until they found God.

In 2019, the duo released the song called Testify. In the past, they also released songs such as Grace Song and Courage. Courage was the song that I first discovered when I was so stressful regarding the school or uni stuff. I can’t lie that I found my own self as well in gospel music when I was super down.

Furthermore, a lot of people criticised of the current gospel that is too mainstream and lost the essence of it’s meaning. However, the music itself is self-expression. And I personally think that music is somewhat a way of communication to the unreachable people. I found it interesting that gospel song nowadays is diverse, and being more mainstream. 1f7f5c0a7a81df3c4e7b0a9fb8daf92e_350__2.png

I personally listen to all type of hip-hop music, and R&B, you can find Gyosa Asakura’s song is interesting, despite he is a Buddhist monk. Or I found Mr. Kansho Tagai, aka MC Happiness approaching to the younger people towards Buddhism, is very interesting.

So at the end of the day, I think people as their own way to approach the concept of what is religious music. However, I personally believe that Social Club Misfits themselves is not losing their own essence on making gospel music.

Last but not least special shout out to FLAME!

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