NBA Stars Who Can Actually Rap! | 2019 edition

NBA Stars Who Can Actually Rap!

NBA Stars Rapping the Game!

NBA Stars Rap

Hi everyone following the NBA finals that lead Toronto Raptors came out as the winner here we are listing the NBA players who can actually rap! Why it is an interesting topic? We might have seen LeBron James doing it. Lonzo Ball did some rap game too, here is why he is not on the list, check out of my other previous post too.

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In more depth towards the relationship within sports and hip-hop is here, on Bleacher Sports. Here is why is very competitive, as hip-hop music taking out each other of being authentic enough, in sports they took out who is not strong enough!

Well, in fact, this world is tough and hard. I personally thought that rapping game on the athlete world is very interesting, either is from Memphis Depay from the football world to the basketball game.

What do you guys think about the rap game in the basketball world? Do you have some athletes in mind that might be good on exploring their other musical talent too?

Marvin Bagley

Allen Iverson

Andre Drummond

Damian Lillard

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