Deuce aka Clint Dempsey

Deuce Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey and Deuce

Remember Deuce aka Clint Dempsey?

Clint Dempsey aka Deuce

Once upon a time in England there used to be Clint Dempsey before the uprising of Christian Pullisic. Clint Dempsey used to play for Spurs, as a fan of Dele Alli, I couldn’t help last Champion League final, as Liverpool won the Champion League.

As a fan of Liverpool as well it was the hardest game I have ever seen in my life, as I am more into a fan of England. As a result of the final, half of the England team have to be absent during the game we faced Holland. Overall we lost a team, but England won it’s third place.

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Before there is Memphis Depay who rapping the football, or soccer if you want to call it, there used to be Clint Dempsey as well who goes by the name Deuce. While he was an active player, he made one video with Nike for the World Cup campaign with the USA. VICE also credited Clint’s alter ego, Deuce, especially during his 2014 World Cup here.

Clint Dempsey himself stated that rapping is just a hobby, rather than a real career that he wants to pursue. So without further a due, there we go 2 of Clint Dempsey’s piece. Let us know what do you guys think about Clint Dempsey.

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