Pride Month 2019!

Pride Month

It’s a Pride Month!

It’s the time to show my love to LGBTQ friends in this PRIDE MONTH


Hi everyone June is a PRIDE month, and here is why it’s very important to everyone! I am a straight girl, but I just want to tell people that I LOVE YOU ALL no matter what is your sexual preference are! you can learn more about PRIDE MONTH here.

Firstly what is PRIDE MONTH?

It is a month that is dedicated to LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer). Growing up in a country which not exposing LGBTQ that often it was shocking for me at first with LGBTQ community. However, my perspective changes over time. 

LOVE is a universal language, you are able to express your love to anyone, and everyone. In fact, what is the point of being straight when you are only showing the hate?


In fact, stigmatised people from the community is totally wrong, we need to gain more information, for example, sex educations, or the protective sex.

In fact, there are a lot of people who are suffering through the stigma that they are getting from the surroundings or community. There are people who literally praying that they will make it to the groceries store, and come back home.

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The myth…

Coming from Asia, definitely, I heard, and always being taught that gay is a transmitted disease. BUT IT IS NOT! I literally have a gay friend, and he is been my best friend to talk about fashion and music.

It was painful when people told me that I can’t have a gay friend, or if they labelled him. Later did they know that having a gay friend is better to compare to have a straight friend that won’t listen to your story!

What should we do?

I AM STRAIGHT, and I totally loving and support my LGBTQ friends, simply because we are all human.

  • Show respect is all the best that we all can do, respecting others is so simple, just don’t step into the unnecessaries boundaries.

PRINCESS NOKIA TOMBOY – song about self-love! 


so here is the love!

The truth is, you and I are having the same colour of blood, and bones. Your sexual preference will not be affecting you to act less human than straight people. And what defines you as a human, is truly your care feelings towards each human beings that are being alive!

Remember we are not the judge of any human being’s life!

Happy Pride Month!


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