Somi Birthday 2019 | Her Best Comeback Yet!

Somi Back with Birthday

Somi Birthday


Somi is back with two songs, and her main song is called Birthday. It’s her first comeback since her departure from JYP Entertainment. However, she clarified that the public should know JYP, and herself are in good terms. As she held her press.

Somi is back with THE BLACK LABEL, which is the house to the singer Zion T, and it was headed by Teddy, the main guy behind Jennie’s Solo, and Sunmi’s Gashina.

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What I could tell from her debut is that Somi is such a confident artist with so many talents. She able rap, dance, and sing, she is completely suited with YG style that tend to be more into Western music, with the element of hip-hop.

Considering it’s her debut as a solo artist, she showed on how capable she is as a producer and a song-writer. Birthday itself is a representation about being born, or new entrance. I guess it is the perfect song for her to introduce herself, as an artist in the kpop industry.

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The fact that BLACK LABEL gave her a chance to pulled out this style of music is really amazing, where she is able to show her rap skills. Her song Outta My Head also has the combination of the YG Style of song, like Don’t Know What to Do, but in a good way.

It somehow has the vibes of 2000s R&B and pop songs, from the States. However, I think she will have a long career, as she is a hardworking artist. I think the song also represents the mature Somi in some ways, rather than being the cute Somi.

The main track, and the side track of this EP is really amazing, and it’s a bit hard to choose from one. CONGRATS ! 🙂

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