IKON B.I. allegation in 2019

IKON B.I. allegation in 2019

IKON B.I. allegation leaving IKON and YG Entertainment

IKON B.I. allegation
IKON B.I. allegation

Importance to raise mental awareness!

B.I. or Hanbin from IKON has been announced to leave the agency and the group. This news regardless is not being well accepted by the fans, and B.I.’s fans themselves. YG Entertainment who has been stormed about the news since earlier this year from their artist Seungri. Since then the price of the shares has been dropped.

I am not specifically looking for the news about B.I. from IKON, but it seems that the internet posted it everywhere.

I saw the news regarding the main rapper of iKon’s B.I. however this post is not about B.I in general, but to put, or raise mental health awareness to the public. As someone coming from Asian countries, it is something that is still taboo to be discussed.

So I really want you guys to stay along with the long post! However, rather than putting more fire, why don’t people think about helping people with difficulties in dealing with their problems.

Mental Issue is not new in the music industry

Today is June 12 2019, and there has been another drama along with the kpop industry regarding Ikon’s B.I. there has been speculation that B.I with drugs. And it’s been spreading out all around the industry.  B.I himself is a super talented artist, and his song BE I, from Show Me the Money 3 is totally about himself, as an artist.

In the conversation that is spread out along the internet, he had the intention of using it, but the action never happened. So B.I. decided to leave the group, and the agency. But this mental related issue in the music industry is long. B.I. did post an apology statement.


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However it’s not about him, it’s almost a month from Chester Bennington’s from Linkin Park death, back in 2017 due to mental illness. However, having a mental issue is not something new in the music industry. Kanye West is one of the artists who are open to talk about the mental-health issue.

Or even Eminem, if you remember the songs in the Recovery album, you have songs like Not Afraid that dedicated from Eminem being sober. Even on Kamikaze Eminem is also being considered to be more emotional.

Even Mike Shinoda is being open about his mental condition after Chester’s passing. With the EP Post Traumatic.


Why is never been discussed in most of the Asian countries?

In Asian countries, mental-health is being considered really bad, and they don’t really want to speak about it. Even if you ask if you want to go to a physiatry your parents are probably not allowing you.

The reason is that if you live in a small town, people would recognize that you have a mental issue. And by having that some people will build up to negative thinking towards you, and your parents don’t want that to happen.

Simply because in Asian countries, your next boss might know about it, or even your future spouse.

The reason on why I put out this post because I have been dealing with depression, and writing, and painting are the only way for me to seek a little light from my life. Depression is something that can’t be discussed or explain, sometimes I don’t know why I got stressed out for nothing. A LOT of people don’t really know that for me, and they don’t expect me to have one!

Why it becomes a big deal?

  1. People don’t actually realise that celebrity or artist is also human.
  2. They live in public eyes and competitive world.

The way people deal with public eyes is totally different, as a public figure, they have a certain expectation made by the public.

Logic also came out with the song to support people that dealt with depression. To put it short mental health is something that should be taken seriously. It is not something that people might be comfortable to talk about, but it is important.

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