Riva Q

Riva Q

Riva Q

Kudos to Riva Quenery! Chosen among hundreds of the Phillippine-based Youtube content creators, Riva made it through to make her appearance at the Mall of Asia Arena in the YouTube FanFest Manila (YTFF), 26 May 2019. As of today, the content of her YouTube Channel Riva Quenery has reached to 1,2 M subscribers.

That was just a quick introduction to Riva as a content creator. Now, let’s talk about her music. Her single “Rewind” has cool beats, and more, it showcases her outstanding dance skills. Those who attended the YouTube FanFest in Manila last week would have seen it live. So cool!


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This might be an overrated statement, but I dare to say that Riva is the Philippine’s best match to Blackpink Jennie. Oh well, it’s only my opinion and you may agree or disagree.  All I am suggesting is, her dance cover is by far the best among the other k-pop dance covers from the Philippine. I might have my own bias. Watch her dance cover for Blackpink Jennie’s “Solo” and make your say.

To say the least, to all of Jennie’s fans, please don’t get offended and be proud instead that Jennie is a trendsetter and Riva is putting her every effort to emulate Jennie’s style in her music career. Before making her own YouTube channel, Riva had begun her career as an actress since the 1990s. 

Riva Quenery’s single “Rewind” can be listened to from any digital store of your choice: 


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