SMTM 8 | Show Me the Money 8




So if you have been following my blog for sometimes you need to check out my SMTM 8 single previews, by Loopy and Nafla. The show also announced the participant coming from Planetarium Record.

However, there is an announcement or rumours that previous rappers are coming over to join the competition. However, participants from other survival competition like MIXNINE also joining the competition.


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Moti is such a talented rapper too, he is a young artist from the indie label. He has so many songs that have been released as well, so I’m very excited to see what will come next for the artist in Show Me the Money.

Other Previous Competitors are Going Back!

There has been some rumours that some of the past participants are coming to the show again to compete, despite they are such a successful artist in the music industry.

If it’s true that that artist like Punchnello is going to participate in the show, then it’s going to see how the South Korean hip-hop industry starts to connect with the younger audiences. As a reading said that there are some misconceptions on adapting the hip-hop itself.

Because the book even stated that a lot of the rappers are rapping about Seoul when they are not from Seoul. And they discussed the marginalised were the difficulties that the Korean rappers are totally different from what happened in the Bronx. So basically this show is going to be interesting as what will come next in the industry. Is it a cultural adaptation or cultural appropriation.

But like it or hate it the show has been part of the music industry in South Korea, it might be a little repetitive at this point, and I feel like BeWhy is still the best winner out of the other winners released by the show!

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