Champion League | 2019

Champion League

Champion League is more than just a normal football competition because of the hype of the football games are actually affecting the music industry. While as a fangirl I admire the players like Dele Alli, and Trent-Alexander Arnold 🙂 but more than that players like Mohammed Salah, and Heung Min Son also attracting the hip-hop artist to follow them all around!

But to be honest as an England fan, and Liverpool fan, and as a Dele Alli fan, and Liverpool fan is going to be a hard match!

 But without further a due, here’s are some of the football and music related! You might have heard it somewhere else!


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Rick Bridges – Heung Min Son

Rick Bridges dedication for Son, is actually even appearing on Bleachers Sport!

Loopy ft Simon Dominic

Where actually Loopy named the Spurs’ player Dele Alli, it might be the comparison on where Dele Alli is one to watch player inside the pitch and his fun, and outgoing personality outside the pitch.

Cadet X Deno

The song also was made after the viral goal celebration of Dele Alli, that drives everyone including me putting my hand all around to follow his unique hand gesture. The late Cadet is a legend

Headie One X RV

This song was actually made for the excellent finish from Salah’s but otherwise, all the players are just the coolest with their own style!!!.

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