Worshipping God or Kanye? | Kanye Sunday Service

Worshipping God or Kanye? | Kanye Sunday Service

Kanye Sunday Service

Kanye Sunday Service
Kanye Sunday Service

If you remember have been reading my old post about Kanye’s gospel song, there might be more interesting news than ever. So I just watched the short documentary of XXL regarding the Kanye Church, which I have a hate-love relationship with Kanye creation. But Kanye has made the whole social media obsessed with the Sunday Service, and no one can really film the whole services, however, according to Kim Kardashian the church is only an emotional connection.

But I just feel that some of these songs are having the elevation vibes like what the gospel song did. It didn’t really change the essence of the gospel, as I listened to the lyrics, but not sure what do you guys think about it. For me, I love the songs, and I think he has a great invention, and I hope that I could visit one (at least).


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Elastic Heart Gospel Version

OTIS Sunday Service Version

Power Sunday Service Version

YANDHI album

But it supposed to be Kanye West’s Yandhi supposed to be released last year, however, it was postponed! It’s the Sunday Service is part of the game now, as fans are trying to look for more clues, but it was said that Kanye is going to make his own church.

But I have to be honest that the songs that were presented on the Sunday Service have the feeling of elevations, and the fact that Kanye bringing the whole choir team made it more look even “holy”. Even artists like Sia, Kid Cudi were present at the Sunday Service.

Praying to Kanye or God?

I am not too sure with this one, in fact, Kanye himself is pretty open about his view, even on his interview with TIME, he stated that he believed in God. But if you see everything on social media, it has its own fan-based, and I am part of them.

As you may know, making the whole gospel song becoming more into pop also part of the debate is it going to lose the essence or not. However I must agree that Kanye invention is really amazing, but at this point are people praying to Kanye or God?

Not judging at all, Kanye has been so amazing with the whole invention thing, and he made a song Jesus Walk as well, and No Church in the Wild, as part of his album.

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