Will Smith Dropped Friend Like Me! | Aladdin 2019

Will Smith Dropped Friend Like Me! from Aladdin 2019


Will Smith dropped the new song called Friend Like Me featuring DJ Khaled. From Naomi Scott to Zayn, and Zhavia Ward. The Aladdin movie amazed me on how they captivated with the millennials audience that in love with the pop-culture song like hip-hop music.

Definitely, it’s totally different from the original by Robin Williams, but its song got its own different colour without overpowering one another. I mean everyone still in love with a classic song right? Highnobiety described the song as it’s new with a new line added to the song.


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If you falling in love with Jaden Smith’s rapping you should know that Will Smith dropped some songs in the past. In fact, it’s been 20 years since Will Smith’s last released.  Seems like Will is an actor who got it all.

What I like about him is that he is an all-rounder performer. From action films to comedy films, to recreate the musical theme movie, Will is able to do it all. I think DJ Khaled also seems like a cool, chill art performer, especially with his song with the late Nipsey Hussle that also just released.

Overall it’s a fun released from Disney, and I really appreciate it on how they making an effort to get to younger people, and older audience with a different approach from the original, but the original song is still dope too!

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  1. I love will smith, he’s just the best!


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