Julius Bennett aka Bud Bud Awesome Squad Be Positive

BudBud Awesome

Bud Bud Awesome
Bud Bud Awesome

Just got news from Now This News’ Instagram, that a 13-year-old Julius Bennett creates a song that based on his social everyday’s life. In fact at least although some netizens stated that he needs a better producer, at least he did something positive. His stage name is BudBud Awesome, and yes he is an awesome kid!


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He talked about bullying, and other things that he experienced, or someone else’ is experiencing from problems like drugs, and violence. He wanted to create a piece of music that able to touch other people, and yes at least he did everything for a good cause. At the end of the day, there are so many ways to include a positive mindset into so many different ways, it could be songs or poetry.

And yes, we need to learn a lot from a younger kid, just to let you know that there are so many ways to communicate with other people in a very humane way! Congrats kid you really deserved it. And yess, he did has his own youtube channel. here for more videos! remember and stay positive, a quick note The FA (The Football Association) has a positivity book, (you know how much I love their football team)

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