Aya Anjani Mutual | Best of 2019

Aya Anjani

Aya Anjani Mutual

Mutual 2019


If you haven’t heard about her yet, check out from the previous blog post by my friend, kifurai here!!! She is one of the upcoming super talented Indonesian artist. Some of her EP I linked down below, as her previous EP such as The 1st EP was released some times ago. I think personally, her voice is really amazing, and she took out a different way of performing her music in Indonesia, which I think made her, her own artist. Also, don’t forget to keep stay tune on her YoutTube channel here.


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Mark your date!

Her music video for the song Mutual will be released on 27 May 2019, so please check her out! Again she is out with her unique voice and shared a lot of nostalgic phase on the song. Very chill, and relaxing. So she just released her song called Mutual, which I think just super amazing. She took a path of reminiscing a pathway of the past relationship, at least that’s what I got in my mind. But I could tell that at the same time, she is just going with the flow.


My thoughts

I feel like a lot of Indonesian people should just be more focusing on the positive things all around them, for example like supporting young local artists in Indonesia. There are so many ways of pouring up your feelings, and protesting in the most humane way!

Overall I think Mutual by Aya Anjani is a solid single as well, and definitely can’t wait to see more of her on the music scene in Indonesia. I think her nostalgic vibes are able to share the millennials song with our parent, but she really composed the song into more refreshing feelings, and yes! she got this!

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