naomi scott more than a princess in the movie

naomi scott is more than just a princess in the movie


With the success of the movie Aladdin, certainly the actress, Naomi Scott is being part of the public eyes. Just look upon the post by VICE, and yes she’s more than just a Disney Princess. She is a super talented actress coming from the UK, and she will be on Charlie’s Angels too! I can’t wait for Charlie’s Angel as well!!

And actually her songs are amazing, and she is just got the voice of an angel. The English rose, definitely showing the reason on why she is deserving as the Princess Jasmine Role! And I actually just found out that she’s a singer this morning, and yes I checked some of her songs, and I fell in love.


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My thoughts

Actually, her voice is really amazing, she got some of the soulful voice that I think she is really good at, and with the Aladdin, the movie is coming up, she is also singing some of the songs from the original movie of the Disney universe.

And actually just looking at the ZAYN, and Zhavia Ward’s new A Whole New World, just showing that how excited I am with the movie. But I have to say that Disney is even making the soundtrack even better compare to any release of the movies at the moment.

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