LOG EP by KATIE | Best of 2019




Katie Kim is finally here, she is not coming to play, but to slay everyone else in the music industry. Coming up with the song called Remember in 2018, through YG Entertainment channel Katie slayed the whole existence of the kpop world.

Departure from YG

With her departure from YG Entertainment, she joined AXIS who previously is an art director in the company that starting a company of his own. Katie later released a single called Remember in 2018, at that time YG said they will in charge of her music distribution. The song later got so much recognition, through the fans in South Korea, and outside South Korea.


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Delayed on releasing LOG

The EP was eventually got delayed in a few times, since it was planned to be out in late 2018 as I could remember, and in 2019, KATIE released a song with Ty Dolla Sign, as a collaborative work for the remix song for REMEMBER. THE HOLYWOOD REPORTER also praised KATIE for her work, so matter what she is doing at the moment, she just will be successful.


Katie released another music video for the Thinkin Bout You, her EP is mostly composed of R&B music, with jazz fused into the collective EP, and the long-awaited EP. And I have to say that her EP is totally poised. If you are a fan of NIKI, you are going to love KATIE KIM as well.

I think it’s very challenging to take this kind of journey as South Korean music industry is only being known for its massive kpop market, whereas in kpop market itself there are so many genres that is adapted. And people are sometimes totally biased when it comes to this music platform. But I have to say that music is totally amazing, and I really loved it.

Let me know what is your favourite song, songs from the list of the EP, or I could say the album! check it out!!!

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