Simple Pleasure | August 08

Simple Pleasure

Simple Pleasure


As you may know, August 08, is one of the best artists from the record company, 88rising, beforehand he released his EP called FATHER that’s on Spotify. He also part of the 88 Rising Mid Summer Madness.

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So what he is up to? August 08 just dropped a song called Simple Pleasure with 88rising that collaborate with Red Bull Records. Have to say that this album got a little bit more groove to the song, but I just want to say that the song is super nice. But I have to say that his voice is still the best from the tune that was released. The song still focused on the way August 08 performing his songs that showing a lot of melancholy emotions.

88rising is not showing any slow-motion moment this year, as NIKI will make a comeback! (EP Review soon, but the exam is coming up 😦 ) So stay tuned, check out the song, and let me know what di you guys think about the song?

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