Drop The Mic | Best Freestyle Show in the US

Drop The Mic

Drop The Mic
Drop The Mic

Drop the Mic is a show that was invented by the great James Corden. But eventually, it got it’s own show, starring Hailey Baldwin and Method Man from Wu-Tang Clan. The show is apparently showing various celebrities competing in terms of freestyling. You might love it, because, it’s showcasing some funny moments. While it may not be based on a real underground rap battle, but somehow it’s really entertaining.

Shawn Mendes vs Odell Beckham Jr. 

Not only that, there so many exciting things happening on the show. For example, the Glee family that went over for the rap battle, I mean if only that could happen with the current Avengers family, that would be great right? The show actually showing from talents like Ken Jeong that also starred in Crazy Rich Asian, James Corden the creator of the show, and even Dr Phil!



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I mean Chris Pratt is really got the talent to show off! Like it’s a good thing to have something for the fans as memorabilia, right? I was actually hoping that the Marvel team will eventually be releasing an inspiration album by the End Game. But anyways, LOVE YOU 3000




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