James Vickery | Talented Upcoming Artist from the UK | 2019




James Vickery


Hi sorry guys, for being a little bit MIA, university project(s) are coming up, so I found myself a little bit lost to find a time, at the same time building the “folio”. But today, I would like to bring James Vickery!

His style of bringing the emotions of the songs actually reminds me of Sam Smith. Moreover, I actually really derived with the artists coming from the UK recently. But to point out that Vickery’s style is totally different from Sam Smith, both got their own style, but I’m just saying that I love the way they bring the emotions of the songs to come to life. Honestly speaking I would like to see him collaborate with DEAN, just like what ROMderful did with DEAN. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?


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Hopefully, we can able to see James Vickery getting more attention that he deserved. I mean his voice is somehow touching, and soft at the same time if you like the musical style of LAUV, then maybe you’ll like James Vickery even more. He is on Spotify, and do go on his Spotify to look for more updates.

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