DOJA CAT | Most Unique Artist Yet! Still Finding Her Best Sound Yet| 2019

Doja Cat

Doja Cat


The artist who came to spotlight after the song called Mooo! was actually got some cool music. I mean although Mooo! was so overrated at this point, it was a catchy song. According to her interview with, she said that she was inspired to make a meme song, and cows were her inspiration. She was saying that her inspiration is being not to serious on making her music.

I mean at this point, I probably agree with her, as sometimes in life you need to be able to enjoy yourself and explore different things in life at the same time. My first time listening to the song was, this song is funny, and it’s unique.

And actually is there anyone that in love with this song called Juicy? I mean it’s totally different from her song that sounded to be a funny song or meme song. Aside from that this song was actually could be used up in a party.


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I think on this she approaches her music in different ways, which I think it’s exciting as a new fan to get to know about her music as well. As you may know a lot of musical artists just became internet famous in an instant, but I think Doja Cat is actually proofing that she is more than just a meme song artist.

Moreover, I actually exciting to see what Doja Cat will do on her next career as well, is she going to pursue the music like Cardi B did, after Bodak Yellow really successful, and she’s just going to be herself, and making various different sounds? I don’t know, clearly at the moment she is not going anywhere, and it seems everyone seems to be a fan of her.

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