The Futurist – Robert Downey Jr | 2004

The Futurist  Robert Downey Jr


Robert Downey Jr. who just finished his latest movie called Avengers Endgame actually making everyone crying in their happy tears. #LoveYou3000. Although Robert himself is known to be the best actor at the moment, he used to have 1 studio album.

The album called The Futurist that was released back in 2004. The album is inspired by Jazz, and Folk music. To let everyone knows, that Soul/R&B, and Jazz are actually coming from the parent of the same musical genre, the answer will be answered here. Furthermore, who was in love with Robert Downey Jr.’s performances. I mean he is doing such amazing characters along the years on the movie like The Judge, Sherlock Holmes, and more.


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And, actually, this album is actually not bad at all, although this album is receiving mix reviews and Robert said it’s going to be his last album, and he is not going to release an album. The songs titled The Futurist, Broken and Man Like Me, are my favourite from the album.

Fun facts, that Robert himself participated fully on the making of the album, he also wrote the main songs of this album as well, some of the songs are the cover songs that he put on for this album. These songs are Smile by Charlie Chaplin, and Your Move”, the first half of the I’ve Seen All Good People song by Yes.

And anyhow, if you are still can’t move on from the Avengers Endgame, feel free to let me know on the comment section below!



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