Spider-Man Homecoming 2017 | And Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming


After I can’t move on from Robert Downey Jr. amazing acting on Avengers Endgame which left me sobbing inside, I just do a re-watched of the Spider-Man Homecoming. Other than that it’s also because the new trailer is released.

Firstly the life lesson in Spider-Man homecoming is really nice, I’m not even a super fan of super-hero movies. But is staying true to ourselves is probably the best thing ever in our life. And just don’t try too hard to be someone else. Despite this for me, Stark is actually giving a father figure to Peter Paker on the movie.

img_0390 img_0391

I just love the relationship that Tony Stark and Peter Parker got on the MCU series, although their relationship is not going to established anytime further, however, I have to say that their lines and simplest actions are just showing the storyline and the character building of the story.

Since this is a music blog, well apparently their marketing for this movie is using the popularity of The Rap of China, for the China region where PG ONE recorded a theme song for it. Although is good, I just hope that the next movie is going to have an album like the SpiderVerse.

But anyways, stellar performances by the actors on the film for Spider-Man Homecoming, they really brought the high-school theme perfectly, and they are just acting like all the kids at their age.

Anyhow the other lesson from the movie is that gaining trust, I mean if you are a young adult, teenagers, and kids, your parents might be hard on you, not because they hate you, but because they cared for you. Now I sounded like a mum right?


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FROM THIS                                                       TO                                                             THIS 

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Fast forward from the I LOVE YOU 3000 moment, actually, Parker got Tony Stark’s glasses which actually making me sobbing after seeing a lot of sad scenes between a kid and their dads. And trust me that I’m literally just sobbing, like A LOT!

I always remember that the moment that Stark looks upon Parker photo, he really urged himself to do the last heroic moments of his life. And yup I think to sacrifice the biggest scene of this story. And yes the Spider-Man suits are actually built by STARK! OMG I’m in Love and Can’t Move On!

https66mediatumblrcom4f0e15ae5592a640f76962c71a3405c9tumblr_pr37dsjao01x47bsho4_400gif_encoded https66mediatumblrcom212b5ddbd93bb4ae4e8d68106f4db47dtumblr_pr37dsjao01x47bsho2_400gif_encoded


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