Q&A With BAN from the Hooliganz

BAN from the Hooliganz


HOOLIGANZ A写20171 ① (1)

Hi can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Nice to meet you, my name is BAN. My father is Japanese and my mother is Samoan.

My father worked with UNICEF and when he transferred to Samoa he met my mother.

My mother became pregnant and was born in Tanzania where my father’s job was transferred. I was raised in Japan from 3 years old Currently living in Tokyo, Japan HIP HOP favourite Rapper. My home is Yokohama. Affected by bad seniors, I started listening to HIP HOP from 12 years old. Rap has been doing since I was 14 years old. At first, I was active in solo. After that, we are also doing RAP in a group called HOOLIGANZ, We did live in various parts of Japan and Los Angeles. I am 32 years old now.

Currently, I am focusing on the real estate business and I am playing music in the interval. An interview offer from Instagram looks good today Should you call the good the weird you?

Thanking you in advance

What inspired you to do music?

It was a pretty weak child. It was a shameful and shy kid to go to the public before being too thin. The reason why my personality got sparked was that I was disliked when I was in the upper secondary of elementary school and when my bullying people were told “Speak English” from their own appearance. So I started karate from about 4 years in elementary school. From that point on I changed my mind and I wasn’t talking about that, and I started to play with RudeBoy from around the junior high school, and I listened to HIP HOP for the first time.

The first time I listened to was 2PAC, I feel that I have felt the relative musical elements of HIP HOP over and over my circumstances. I have always been listening to Japanese rap from that time. From that time on, I did something like freestyle in play, but when I was in high school I did a live show for the first time, and I thought it would be a rapper because it felt so comfortable that I could not forget that feeling



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Who is your favourite rapper growing up?

Gucci Mane. He is hip hop.

Can I ask about the difference between Japanese Hip Hop, and Western Hip Hop?

 Are you talking about the west coast hip-hop? Among Japanese RAP, there are many artists who are influenced by west coast hip-hop and east coast hip-hop.

There is also South

Recently, because Trap Music is mainstream, there are many artists that are affected in Japan as well

So it’s more like there’s an island country in Japan listening to the music of Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, New York, Miami or Florida and the tastes of the songs that people listen to are different.

Can you tell us about your own favourite song for us?

 My favourite works are as follows.


KLOOZ “Supa Dupa feat. AKLO & BAN from HOOLIGANZ”

HOOLIGANZ “Fresh Airline”

HOOLIGANZ “Don’t you dance?”


Do you have any words for young kid that want to pursue music?

Hip Hop is a powerful music

This community is like English and Chinese as a universal language,

It became culture common to the world

I think it is better to start earlier as you are younger

It becomes the vitality of every day

And obey the words of the heart that come out of yourself

Please express as it is

Eventually, a small whirlpool will be a big eye and a typhoon that gets caught around

Now the internet is well developed, and the range of self-promotion such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Youtube, WhatsApp is endless.

Find out how you want to get involved in society through music and what kind of person you want to be.

Even if it is not only music, it has an effect on the determination of work and things, love, etc.

I became a strong and tough adult by keeping in touch with HIP HOP

Boys, be ambitious

Wish good luck

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