Born and raised in privileged families must be the dream for every single one of us. Especially if you are born into a royal family. But, Mafalda who is the Princess of Bulgaria. She is more than just a pretty face, she is also such a talented musician. By far, she only got 1 music video on her channel! Alright, firstly this post will be so short as she released 1 music video, but it’s just a worth it music video!


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She got such a beautiful soulful voice, and she got the music called Hate Me Right which talked about a love-hate relationship. In a way, it’s almost like a dangerous relationship, she went to Berklee College of Music. Actually she is super talented, and I just hope that she got the attention that she deserved, rather than the princess that being the friend of LISA. But I Love LISA though, but the comment is being more about LISA, than MAFALDA herself, please be respectful fans! Hopefully, we will get more release from MAFALDA soon!

And during the fashion show of New York Fashion Week, where she met Lisa from BLACKPINK. And yes she went to BLACKPINK’s concert in New York City. Then in just a snatched of a finger, she became popular in the fans communities.

mmm, will we get another collaboration of BLACKPINK with the international artist?

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