A$AP Rocky |Sabrina Claudio| BURNS| ENERGY 2019

2019 is A$AP Rocky’s Year

A$AP Rocky |Sabrina Claudio| BURNS| ENERGY 2019


2019 has been great for Rocky, Rocky was featured as part of Game of Thrones album for their last season. His album Testing was part of his experiment with hip-hop music itself. As you probably knpw that hip-hop music also has it’s own sub-genre too.  And I have to say that his artistic point of view is just so diverse, you can see it through the collaborations that he did with a different platform. For example his collaborations with Dior, for fashion or the collaboration with Skepta, from GRIME industry.

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So according to Highnobiety, Rocky recently has been working on a new track. The track is called Energy for the summer. The song was produced by BURNS, and he is such an amazing producer. I totally recommend this guy if you love MURA MASA. BURNS himself was born in the UK, there is an element of house, tropical, and definitely hip-hop music on this track, just perfect for summer.

While it’s going to be summer to the best part of the world, Australia and New Zealand are going to experiencing winter soon. WINTER IS COMING GUYS! but the collaborations are the perfect collaborations, and I can’t really wait for what will come up next, what about you guys? any favourite collaborations within the summer?

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